PSL Research University covers all fields of knowledge: science, engineering, arts, humanities and social sciences. In PSL, PSL-Pépite supports emerging entrepreneurial projects led by freshly graduated students. The AiR project is supported by PSL Research University Paris.
La Reine Blanche is a theater, a cinema, an art gallery, a place for independent culture, a scene of Arts and Sciences. To the Reine Blanche, science is an integral part of culture. La Reine Blanche is a partner of the AiR project, exhibiting the artworks of our artist-researchers.
Located in Paris, Bouchaud architectes develops innovative solutions in architecture and interior architecture. Its philanthropic approach to architectural design fits perfectly with AiR's approach. Bouchaud architectes is a partner of the AiR project.
PhDTalent's mission is to encourage private companies to hire PhDs. Through direct relations or through doctorate missions, companies can find in PhDs hyper-qualified consultants able to meet specific needs. PhDTalent is a partner of the AiR project.
WAI by BNP Paribas is an acceleration structure for young innovative companies. With a wide network and many experts, the WAI helps early-stage start-ups in their development.
WAI Massy-Saclay is a partner of the AiR project.
Ever since it was founded in 1882, ESPCI Paris has been gaining in prestige and status. Evolving from a municipal school established to train industrial production managers, it has achieved the status of a major institute of higher education in science and engineering.